Broccoli salad recipe

Broccoli salad recipe

Quick,easy and delicious broccoli salad recipe.
Prep Time: 15 minutes
Cook time: –
Serves: 3 to 4 people
Recipe adapted from:,you can find the original recipe here.

  1. Broccoli ,cut into florets- 3 cups( see notes)
  2. Onion,chopped-1/4 cup
  3. Mozzarella cheese,grated-1/2 cup
  4. Mayonnaise-1/4 cup
  5. Sugar-1 tbsp(optional)
  6. Vinegar-1/2 tbsp(i used apple cider vinegar)
  7. Salt-to taste
  8. Black pepper powder-to taste


  • In a large mixing bowl,combine broccoli,onion and cheese.
  • In another bowl,combine together mayonnaise,sugar,vinegar,salt and pepper powder.
  • Pour this over the broccoli mixture and toss to coat.

    • Blanch the broccoli florets quickly in boiling water for about 15 to 20 seconds and drain it in a colander.

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