Recipe index




          Spicy fish cutlets
          Chicken shawarma (Middle eastern style chicken wrap)
          Curried chicken cups
          Fried chicken with coleslaw
          Chicken pepper fry
          Tandoori soya
          Kothu porotta
          Kerala fish fry
          Uzhunnu Vada
          Whole wheat vegetable pizza
          Mulaku Bajji/Banana pepper fritters
          Chili Tofu
          Chicken tikka wrap
          Kerala Style Beef Cutlet
          Baked Onion Rings
          Meat samosa
          Special chicken fry
          Pazham pori-Ripe Plantain Fritters
          Sukhiyan /Mung bean fritters
          Aval vilayichathu / Aval Varattiyathu
          Avocado Egg salad sandwich
          Unnakaya / Stuffed plantain fry
          Chickpeas ans spinach patties
          Ela ada /Steamed rice parcels
          Achappam /Rose cookies
          Mushroom Sandwich
          Vegetable Cutlets
          Vettu cake- Fried Tea cake
          Spicy Kerala chicken fry
          Kerala Mixture
          Mini Falafel /Falafel wraps
          Parippu Vada /Lentil Fritters
          Kerala Egg Puffs
          Baked potatoes with broccoli
          Kappa puzhungiyathu with mulaku chammanthi / Boiled tapioca with green chilli dip
          Stove top Pizza / No Oven Pizza
          Baked Garlic potato wedges
          Kallummekkaya fry / Kerala Mussels fry
          Mutta chutney kebab /Egg- chutney kebab
          Kerala Vegetable Puffs
          Kappa Ularthiyathu /Tapioca  fry
          Potato Cheese Balls 
          Grilled Cheese Rolls
          Kerala Bonda / Undanpori /Fried whole wheat and banana cake
          One Pot Chicken Stir Fry
          Oats -Moong Dal Tikki
          Erachi Pathiri – Kerala style fried-stuffed- bread
          Spicy Fish Balls
          Cheesy Cauliflower Breadsticks( Gluten Free)
          Pavakka Fry ( Bitter Gourd Fry)
          Sarkara Varatti /Sweet Plantain Chips
          Hummus and curried cauliflower sandwich
          Kumbilappam /Steamed Jack fruit cakes
          Easy Cucumber Sandwich
          Paneer and vegetable sandwich
          Vazhakumbu cutlets / Banana blossom cutlets
          Beetroot and Feta patties
          Easy Cheese Rolls
          Sweet Diamond Cuts
          Kaya Varuthathu /Banana Chips
          Kayada( steamed banana parcels)
          Kerala Fish Cutlet
          Crispy Bakes Sweet Potato Fries
          Nendrapazham Varattiyathu ( Sweet plantain fry) 

Chicken Mayo sandwich

           Chakka Ada
           Meat Bread Rolls
            Meen Pathiri
            Paneer Samosa 


  • SOUP

       Tomato soup



          Peach Lemonade
          Apple Carrot Smoothie
          Apple Smoothie
          Watermelon Juice
          Pineapple smoothie
          Passion fruit smoothie
          Lemon and mint cooler
          Guava strawberry smoothie
          Coffee Milk Shake
          Mango lemonade
          Blackberry-banana smoothie
          Badam Milk recipe
          Banana Oat Smoothie
          Kulukki Sarbath / spiced shaken limeade with basil seeds and pineapple
          Mango Milkshake
          Strawberry Lassi
          Pear -Banana- Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie
          Apple -Oatmeal- Breakfast Smoothie
          Strawberry -Oatmeal Breakfast Smoothie
          Banarasi Lassi
          Chocolate Milkshake/Chocolate Freeze
          Vegan Mixed Berry – Green Tea Smoothie
          Orange and passion fruit juice
          Indian filter coffee
          Apple Pie Smoothie
          Strawberry Chia seeds Smoothie
          Nutella Hot Chocolate
          Avocado Milkshake
          Belgian Hot Chocolate

         Turmeric Milk  





         Pesarattu (Green gram dosa)
         Vegetable Upma
         Sprouted green gram dosa
         Gothambu dosa (whole wheat crepes)
         Uzhunnu Vada
         Instant broken wheat and oats idli
         Kuzhi Paniyaram with coconut chutney
         Chikoo kesari
         Sweet milk bread
         Masala Dosa
         Mysore Sada Dosa
         Kerala Appam / Palappam
         Instant Neer Dosa
         Mutta Puttu /Egg Puttu/Steamed rice flour cake with egg masala filling
         Chicken Puttu/Erachi Puttu /Steamed rice flour cake with chicken Masala fillling
         Idiappam /Noolputtu 
         Gothambu Puttu / Steamed wheat cake
         Thakkali dosa / Tomato dosa
         Spinach,coriander and curry leaves dosa
         Vegetable masala puttu
         Rice Flour Poori

          Egg Dosa
         Kudangal Dosa
         Masala Paniyaram



           Butter horn rolls
           Methi paratha
           Wheat naan
           Herbed wheat buns
           Eggless garlic rolls
           Whole wheat burger buns
           Sweet milk bread
           Easy dinner rolls /Eggless dinner rolls
           Soft and Fluffy Milk Bread
           Chicken Stuffed Bread
           Aloo Paratha / Potato masala stuffed Indian Flatbread
           Broccoli Paratha /Broccoli masala stuffed Indian flatbread
           Mushroom Paratha /Mushroom masala stuffed Indian flatbread
           Radish Paratha /Mooli Paratha /Radish masala stuffed Indian flatbread
           Gluten free french bread ( Rice flour French bread)
           Gobi Paratha /Cauliflower masala stuffed Indian flatbread
           Ari Pathiri ( Rice flour flat bread)
           Homemade  Hamburger Buns
           Jowar /Sorghum- radish paratha
           Vegetable and cheese sandwich
           Rice Flour Poori
           Stuffed Chicken Buns( with Video)
           Neypathal ( Neypathiri)

          Mini Wholewheat Paratha





          Vegetable fried rice
          Coriander rice
          Peas pulav
          Mutton biriyani
          Egg biriyani
          Vegetable noodles
          Keema biriyani
          Baby corn pulav
          Quick Tava Rice
          Garam Masala Rice
          Mushroom Pulav
          Spinach rice /Spinach Pulav
          Vegetable fried rice
          Paneer Biriyani
          Mushroom Biriyani
          Kerala Fish Biriyani
          Kerala Mutton Biriyani
          Spicy Macaroni and cheese
          Kappa briryani /Tapioca and meat biriyani
          Easy Vegetable pulav
          Methi Pulav/Fenugreek leaves Pulav
          Kerala vegetable Biriyani
          Chicken Biriyani
          Chapathi Noodles
          Easy One Pot Vegetable Biriyani
          Thai Fried Rice
          Mushroom Fried Rice
          Malabar Mutton Biriyani
          Vegetable Hakka Noodles
          Easy Vegetable fried rice
          Kerala Vegetable Pulav
          Easy Chicken Fried rice
          Easy Fish Biriyani
          Egg Pulav


          Vegetable manchurian
          Paneer butter masala
          Creamy vegetable curry
          Kadala curry /Chickpeas curry
          Paneer tikka masala
          Mushroom & Vegetable Korma
          Kadai Paneer
          Chilli Gobi / Chilli Cauliflower
          Paneer Do Pyaza
          Easy chana masala /Chole masala
          Kerala kadala curry /Kerala brown chickpeas curry
          Mushroom and peas masala
          Mushroom Makhani / Mushroom butter masala
          Punjabi chole masala /Punjabi style chickpeas curry
          Kerala Style Vegetable Stew
          Palak Paneer / Indian Cheese and Spinach Curry
          Aloo Palak Curry / Potato and Spinach Curry
          Chana Masala ( with coconut)
          Methi Matar Malai( Fenugreel leaves and green peas curry)
          Paneer Matar Masala
          Udupi Sambar

  • EGG

          Egg roast
          Kerala egg curry
          Creamy egg curry
          Egg curry with potato
          Nadan Egg Roast
          Nadan Egg Curry
          Kerala style egg and potato curry ( with coconut milk gravy)
          Egg and green peas kurma
          Creamy egg Curry / Egg Curry with cashew nuts
          Kerala Style Egg and Potato Curry


         Thenga aracha meen curry/ fish cooked in thick coconut gravy
         Crab curry
         Meen mappas / fish cooked with coconut milk
         Kerala fish curry
         Chili fish
         Chemmeen muringakka curry (Prawns and drumstick curry)
         Karimeen curry /Pearl spot cooked in coconut sauce
         Kerala red fish curry -Meen Mulakittathu
         Kerala crab roast-Nadan njandu roast
         Fish Molly /molee
         Kerala fish curry / Nadan meen curry
         Kallu shappu meen curry / Toddy shop fish curry
         Nadan Mathi Curry / Kerala Sardine Curry
         Kerala Prawn Curry
         Thenga Archa Njandu Curry /Kerala style crab curry with coconut
         Neymeen Pappas( Kerala Fish Curry with coconut milk)

         Kerala Fish Masala
         Nadan Konchu Curry(Kerala Shrimp Curry)



         Mutton stew
         Andhra mutton curry
         Rogan josh /Kashmiri mutton curry
         Achari murgh/Chicken with pickling spices
         Butter Chicken
         Kozhi Pidi /Spicy Kerala chicken curry with rice dumplings
         Varutharacha Mutton curry
         Kerala Mutton Curry
         Mutton curry ( with roasted coconut gravy)
         Kozhi mappas-Kerala chicken curry
         Pepper chicken masala
         Chettinad Chicken Curry
         Varutharach Tharavu Curry / Kerala Duck Curry
         Kerala Style Chicken Kurma
         Nadan Chicken Curry /Kerala Chicken Curry
         Nadan mutton curry / Kerala mutton curry
         Calicut chicken curry

          Easy Kerala Mutton Roast



          Tandoori soya
          Chettinad potato roast
          Chili Tofu
          Kadai Paneer
          Chilli Gobi /Chilli Cauliflower
          Paneer Bhurji
          Easy potato stir fry
          Cauliflower masala
          Pavakka Fry ( Bitter Gourd fry)
          Vegetable Jalfrezi
          Paneer pepper fry
          Mushroom Masala


          Chili fish
          Kerala Fish fry
          Kerala Style Prawn Roast
          Netholi fry /Fried Anchovies
          Kerala Squid/Kanava/Calamari/Koonthal roast
          Kanava Thoran /Squid/Calamari/Koonthal stir fry
          Kallummekkaya fry/Kerala Mussels fry
          Mathi pollichathu /Grilled sardines in banana leaf
          Unakka chemmeen Peerapattichathu / Dried prawns with coconut
          Kallumekkaya roast / Spicy mussels roast
          Kakka Irachi Thoran / Clams stir fry with coconut
          Karimeen Masala Roast ( Kerala style Pearl Spot Roast)
          Kerala Squid-Coconut Roast
          Meen Thenga Aracha Curry /Fish in coconut gravy
          Meen Manga Curry /Kerala fish curry with raw mango
          Easy Squid Fry
          Kerala Prwan Roast
          Fish Masala Fry
          Kerala Fish Roast 

Fish Tawa Fry 

Fish Pepper roast

Venad pal conch(kerala style grilled prawns)

          Pachakurumaulaku Mathi Varuthathu/ Green peppercorn sardine fry



          Kerala beef fry
          Kerala beef ularthiyathu/ Kerala beef roast
          Mutton Pepper Fry
          Nadan Beef fry /Kerala style beef fry
          Mutton Ularthiyathu
          Kallu sappu style beef fry




            Moru curry (Tempered buttermilk)
            Paal payasam

            Kadachakka Theeyal
            Kumbalanga pulisherry
            Pazham pulisherry
            Ulli sambar /Onion sambar
            Chena Mezhukkupuratti
            Carrot -Cabbage Thoran
            Carrot – Beans Thoran
            Cheera Thoran
            Mushroom Thoran
            Ethakka tholi Thoran
            Vendakka Thoran( Okra stir- fry with coconut)
            Carrot peera pattichathu
            Koottu Curry
            Vellarikka Manga Curry
            Nadan Thakkali Curry/Kerala Tomato Curry
            Potato Stir fry/Urulakizhangu Mezhukkupuratti
            Chakkakuru Mezhukkupuratti-Stir-fried jack fruit seeds
            Erissery-Chena and Kaya erissery
            Idichakka thoran-Tender jack fruit stir fry
            Carrot thoran- Carrot stir fry
            Mambazha Pulissery
            Beetroot thoran /Beetroot stir fry
            Achinga payar mezhukkupuratti /Long beans stir fry
            Koorka mezhukkupuratti /Chinese potato fry
            Pavakka Mezhukkupuratti / Bitter Gourd stir fry
            Pavakka Kichadi
            Beetroot Kichadi
            Pineapple Kichadi Pineapple in Yogurt and coconut sauce
            Sarkara Varatti /Sarkara Puratti /Sweet Plantain Chips
            Ada Pradhaman 
            Paalada Pradhaman / Paalada Payasam
            Three ingredient ,Pressure cooker Paal payasam
            Kerala Olan
            Vegetable Koottu curry
            Kerala Rasam without rasam powder
            Nendrapazham Pradhaman
            Vendakka Kichadi( okra in coconut yogurt sauce)
            Mathanga Erissery( Kerala pumpkin curry with roasted coconut)
            Cabbage Thoran





           Caramel ice cream
           Mango ice cream with caramelized mango
           Paal payasam / rice kheer
           Passion fruit pudding

           Carrot kheer
           Coconut laddu
           Gulab Jamun
           Easy chocolate pudding
           Choco rolls
           Easy double layer fudge
           Vegan chocolate ice cream
           Fresh strawberry tart
           Mango Kulfi
           Kaju Peda/Indian cashewnut fudge
           Chikoo kesari
           Serradura /Sawdust pudding-No cook pudding
           No Bake Caramel Pudding Pie
           Eggless ice cream brownie squares
           Eggless caramel ice cream
           No Bake Banoffee  Pie
           Unnakaya / Stuffed plantain fry
           Healthy -No cook -Coconut milk payasam/kheer
           Eggless No- Bake Passion fruit pudding
           Never fail pudding-Eggless pudding
           Shahi Tukda
           Gur Papdi / Easy whole wheat flour and jaggery fudge
           Jowar Burfi / Jowar flour fudge
           Apple crumble pie
           Chocolate pudding
           Rava laddu /Sweet Semolina balls
           No Bake Chocolate Biscuit layer pudding
           No Bake Pineapple layer pudding
           Fruit mince Pie
           Neipayasam /Sharkara payasam /Kerala rice pudding
           Eggless Self Saucing Chocolate Pudding
           Kerala Boli /Poli
           Oreo Cookies and Cream No- Bake Cheesecake
           Rabdi /Rabri /Indian milk based dessert
           Pineapple Payasam
           Semiya payasam /Vermicelli Kheer
           Strawberry Frozen Yogurt
           Carrot Halwa
           Kaju Katli / Indian Cashew nut Fudge
           Banarasi Lassi
           Palada Payasam/ Palada Pradhaman
           Healthy Oat and Date Laddu
           Milk Peda / Paal Peda
           Mysore Pak
           Ada Pradhaman ( Rice flakes ,coconut milk pudding)
           Paalada Pradhaman 
           Glazed Doughnuts
           Eggless  Strawberry Mousse( Three Ingredient Strawberry Mousse)
           Three ingredient ,pressure cooker paal payasam 
           Vanilla and chocolate layer pudding
           Avocado Chocolate Mousse
           Aval payasam
           Boondi Laddu
           3 Ingredient Vanilla Icecream
           Nendrapazham Pradhaman
           Pal Vazhakka( Nendrapazham payasam)
            Berry Popsicle
            Navara Ari Payasam

Strawberry Yogurt




           Vanilla buttermilk cupcakes
           Orange cake
           Whole wheat and flax muffins
           Caramel cake

           Chocolate espresso cupcake/cake
           Eggless carrot cake
           Whole wheat spiced pumpkin muffins
           Cookies and cream cupcakes
           Valentines day cupcake(Bake a heart into your cupcake)
           Chocolate espresso mug cake( 5 minutes mug cake)
           Healthy almond and apricot muffins
           Moist Vegan whole wheat fruit cake
           Spiced dates truffles-no cook recipe
           Vanilla cupcakes & homemade sprinkles
           Eggless chocolate mini cake for two/ Mini tin can cake
           Eggless coconut cake / Whole wheat coconut cake
           Eggless marbled banana bread
           Moist Eggless chocolate cake /Vegan chocolate cake
           Eggless -Butterless- Vanilla cake
           Easy -One bowl brownies
           Vegan Blueberry Muffins
           Vettu Cake- Fried Tea Cake
           Eggless steamed chocolcate cake
           Eggless strawberry cake /Cupcake(Vegan)
           One bowl-eggless chocolate cupcake ( Vegan)
           Eggless chocolate self-saucing pudding
           Rice flour Banana muffins ( Gluten Free)
           Eggless Vanilla Cake / Stove top cake / Bake cake using Pressure cooker
           Kerala Bonda / Undanpori / Fried whole wheat and banana cake
           Chocolate Apple Muffins
           Rice cooker Banana Cake ( No Oven Cake)
           Eggless Ragi Chocolate Cake /Eggless Finger Millet Chocolate Cake ( Vegan ,Gluten Free)
           Christmas Fruit Cake / Kerala Plum Cake
           Eggless Jowar ( Sorghum) Banana Muffins ( Gluten Free)
           Gluten and dairy free chiffon cake / Rice flour chiffon cake
           The Best Chocolate Cake
           Carrot and Zucchini Muffins
           Cream cheese blueberry muffins
           Butter Cake
            Jam roll
            Oat Raisin Muffins
            Easy Cocoa Brownies
            Orange Almond Cupcakes
            Boiled Fruit cake
            Chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream





         Thick & chewy chocolate chip cookies
         Caramel squares
         Butter cookies
         Vegan double chocolate brownies( egg less and fat free)
         Nankatai( Eggless Indian cookies)
         Whole wheat sugar cookies( eggless)
         The Best Chocolate Chip Cookies
         Eggless Brownies
         Achappam /Rose cookies
         Melting moments-Eggless cookies
         Easy -One bowl brownies
         Persian rice flour cookies ( Gluten free)
         Rice flour Jam cookies ( Gluten Free)
         Fruit mince Pie
         Eggless brownies ( Vegan option)
         Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies ( Gluten Free)
         Gluten Free Ragi Cookies /Red Millet Cookies
         Easy Chocolate Fudge
         Gluten Free, Rice flour double chocolate chunk cookies
         Kesar Badam Peda
         Eggless orange and date Cookies
        Apple Crumble

         Coin Biscuits

Eggless whole wheat coconut cookies

       Easy tomato chutney
        Pineapple jam
         Homemade Dairy Free Nutella
         Coconut chutney
         Kerala mango pickle
         Easy Mango Pickle
         Onion tomato chutney
         Hummus- Middle Eastern spread
         Chutney powder /Idli-dosa podi
         Onion Chutney
         Easy Pizza sauce recipe
         Strawberry Jam
         Tamil Nadu style coconut chutney
         Homemade peanut butter
         Mysore Red Chutney
         Homemade Tomato Sauce
         Garlic Chutney
         Garlic Chutney with coconut
         Kerala Style Prawn Pickle
         Cucumber Chutney
         Tomato Chutney
         Roasted Garlic Labneh
         Chakka Varattiyathu / Jack fruit preserve
         Chuttaracha Chammanthi ( Kerala style  spicy coconut chutney)

         Coriander Chutney with coconut

Kerala Mango Pickle


        Broccoli  and cheese salad
         Tabouleh / Middle eastern salad
         Citrus Avocado Salad
         Asian Slaw with ginger peanut dressing
         Kale Salad with Avocado dressing
         Rainbow Carrot Salad
         Creamy Cucumber Salad
Ivy gourd salad